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About me


On the top of the volcano in St. Kitts

On the top of the volcano in St. Kitts

Hello everybody!

my name is J., I am a full-time traveler and nomad.

I started to travel in 2011, as I want to discover the world. What moved me was the curiosity to find out how life is in other countries: how people think, what they eat, what their goals and life expectations are. What I found out has deeply changed me as a person and made me more aware of how lucky I have been with all I had in my life.

This is the blog I decided to open to share my experiences with all my friends, family, and whoever else I will meet in my life, for a week, a day, or maybe just a few minutes.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, I will try to update it as much as I can during all my travels.